Aaron Creigh

Artist | Producer | Musician

Performing artist and multi-instrumentalist, Aaron Creigh is a professional musician, singer-songwriter, composer and producer from Melbourne, Australia.

He began his career performing in rock and metal outfits around Victoria, most notably as the singer/bassist of the acclaimed underground Melbourne metalcore band, Dynon Road, having opened shows for worldwide acts such as Parkway Drive, The Red Shore, Confession and Deez Nuts.

Since graduating from JMC Academy with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance in 2014, Aaron has been performing regularly as a solo artist at bars, pubs and restaurants around Melbourne where he’s developed a cult following and a recognisable style and sound as an acoustic singer/songwriter. He’s performed for large-scale events including the Grand Prix, Australian Open, AFL, A-League Soccer, T20 World Cricket Championship, NBL, the Races and more.

His first solo EP, “All We Leave Are Memories” was released in 2017, followed by the single “Love’ll Keep You Guessing” in 2019 which was the first project he produced entirely himself. Since then, he’s been working in multiple outfits and bands to date as a member and a producer. Some of these include the release “Black Lightning” by side project band “Ambivert” in which he sings, plays the drums, and produces. Aaron is also a current member of the alternative/electronic duo “The Raiya”, who released their debut single, “Silver Lining” in 2020. The duo is currently completing recording and production on their debut EP set for release in 2023.

Aaron has also made guest appearances on artists works, including a feature on Australian rapper Chevy Levett’s song “Ross and Rachael”. He’s also collaborated on several occasions with Sydney-based rapper, “Davie Darko”, after the two met while Aaron was busking on King St in Melbourne’s CBD in 2012. He was immediately scouted for a feature on Darko’s release, “Maracas”. In 2017, Aaron was flown to Sydney to co-write and record a contracted song, later titled “Not the Truth”, with Darko that would appear as the theme for the 2017 movie “Event Zero”, directed by Enzo Tedeschi.

Known for his voice - ranging from the sweet falsetto of a modern-day Jeff Buckley to the raw aggressive rasp of a rock version of Michael Jackson - his stage charisma, and skills as a drummer, singer and guitarist make Aaron Creigh a riveting, versatile musician and one to keep an eye on. Aaron is a creator in every sense of the word and a benchmark of what it means to be a true artist.